Computer recycling and why we should all do it

by Tim on July 2, 2013

Just been reading up of computer recycling – did you know that quite often old computers just end up in landfill and exported overseas (often illegally) and end up polluting the environment in some really serious ways. If you have old computer items you want to get rid of – visit 1800ewaste to get rid of it properly – the definitely is a right and a wrong way to do computer disposal.

Doing a computer recycle is a detailed process, but in essence the electronic waste is broken down into its various components, ie. plastics, metals, glass etc. and from there, 95-98% (by weight) of these materials can be fully recycled for future use. E-waste recycling is an important part of a sustainable future.

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cinco December 4, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Is it expensive to get a computer recycled?

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